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Collectible Ornament "Sasha"


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A miniature collectible doll, dressed in a traditional Russian costume - a shirt with large, fluffy sleeves, a holiday apron, and a "kokoshnik," a ladies' holiday headdress in the shape of a wave crest. A necessary attribute, distinguishing Russian dress from that of other countries is abundance of outerwear. The upper class wore traditional Russian clothes, and clothes that had their roots in the fashion on the Byzantine Empire, until the XVII century, at which time, many designs began to be borrowed from Poland.

This beautiful Russian collectible doll will bring grace, sophistication, and a unique Russian charm to your home during the Christmas season! Each doll is individually hand-made, her porcelain face hand-painted, and her robes hand-stitched, ensuring that no two dolls are alike!

4.5'' (11.5 cm)

Fabrics and colors may vary slightly.

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