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Lacquer Box "Sadko"


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This bright and cheery image of Sadko mimics the unique Russian tradition of miniature art, called Fedoskino!

Fedoskino is a traditional form of Russian lacquer miniature painting on papier-mache that began in 1795. Remarkable blend of functionality and beauty in fascinating colors and gold ornamentation won great favor with the Russian people. The dazzling miniature Fedoskino lacquer creations are now displayed in private collections and museums all around the world.

This lacquer box is decorated with a high-quality print and decorated with hand-rendered gold ornamentation. The bright colors and eye-catching patterns of Russian lacquer boxes are so wonderfully exquisite that each box is sure to enhance any room. A beautiful lacquer box is a perfect gift for any occasion!

4.3" x 5.8" x 1.3"

Lacquer, linden, linseed oil, tempera, 51% polyester, gold leaf, papier-mache

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