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The Kiev-Pechersky Paterikon


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The Holy Dormition Kiev-Pechersk Lavra (the Cave Monastery) is one of the spiritual symbols of Ukraine. It personifies the nation's soul and the country's historical way. Lavra is the place of the first Christian ascetics, the ancient center of chronicle-writing, icon-painting, literary actives and printing. The Kiev-Pechersky  Paterikon is the most outstanding literary work written by the Lavra monks.

Glorious Paterikon, as the first hagiographical historical work, has played an outstanding role in the Christian spirituality formation of Orthodox Slavdom.

The righteous lives of Kiev-Pechersk saints of the 11-13th centuries, assembled in Paterikon chapters, have served as a spring of Christian holiness and pure deep religious conscience for many pious and God-loving people. They have been a model and criterion of truth, the way to salvation and spiritual perfection for the past 900 years.

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