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Athonite Incense: Linden Blossom (200 grams)


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The honey from the blossoms of a linden tree is regarded as the most fragrant, best flavored and the most valuable in the world. In addition to its many healing properties, the linden blossom emits a sweet, honeyed-floral, pungent perfume. 

The linden tree is one of the oldest tree species on God's green earth. Large-leaved linden trees have been known to live up to 600 years! It is sacred throughout history for many cultures and religions. Greek and Slavic cultures used to plant linden close to churches, houses, and important meetings places. They believed that lightening would not hit the holy tree, so people hid underneath it during thunderstorms. If there was an ill person or kettle at home, linden branches were brought for healing. Nobody was supposed to break or cut the tree without special needs. In the Slavic Orthodox Christian world, lindenwood was the preferred wood for panel icon painting including the linden icons by the hand of Andrei Rublev.

Over the centuries, the monastics of Mt. Athos have perfected the art of incense making. As a result, this high-quality Athonite incense burns to a powder and does not melt and suffocate charcoal. A single rock will burn evenly, and slowly, eliminating the necessity to constantly refresh your home or church censor.

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